Miss C.Anjana Chowdary


I am glad to enroll myself in this spectacular course. I never had any knowledge in VLSI when I was in, but now I am confident that I have very strong foundation in the field of VLSI. All the sessions were interesting. Each and every session made me content and I worked out learning something useful. It was this class which made me to fall in love with VLSI. Thank you and I wish these classes would last long.


Mr A.Krishnakumar


In my engineering college life, if ever I got very interested in one subject means that is VLSI. And that is because of you and this course. You have a wonderful style of managing the class. Timings of the sessions were very comfortable and please do not change it in future.


Mr. L.Dhanraj


I came here to learn new concepts and really I learnt them at the end. I liked the entire course. I gained more knowledge on core and application VLSI concepts within 25 days than studying a semester on VLSI subject in my college. Last session was much more interesting where I gained more knowledge regarding what to do after this course.


Mr S.Bharathy


Initially, I was not at all interested in joining the VLSI program. Because of my friends I joined. But now I understood the value of VLSI. Sessions were purely beneficial and worth a lot. There are many things to say, but I would like to end this in simple and short term, in one word, it was “PERFECT”. Thank you.


Mr S.Yuvaraj


I never learnt programming with this interest. Understood each and every class to the best of my knowledge. Illustrations and examples you gave provided a vivid understanding of the concepts.


Miss N.Thaamizharasi


The way of teaching and methodology followed was really fascinating. Happy that I am a student of this organization. I have learnt most of the basics in VLSI (both core and application). This would be definitely useful for my project and further levels in VLSI. But our batch has got only two funology sessions :-(


Miss Dhivyaa


We learnt something new in each class. Sessions were interesting and gained enough knowledge about VLSI. Now, I am confident that I can understand more advanced concepts in VLSI with this knowledge you gave. Thank you.


Mr C.Martial Benedict Regis


Classes were very useful and efficient.  We came to know many new things in VLSI. This must be known to all the juniors about the importance of it. Thank you for the kindness and adjustment during these days.  


Mr. Muraly.N

All technical sessions were interesting and fully informative. In my career I undergone many courses, met many teachers. But here the way of approaching personal and handling classes were excellent. Frankly saying, this course made spark in my mind. So nowadays I try to follow the methodologies which I absorbed here.


Mr. V.Suresh

The way of teaching is really superb. Its easily understandable. And mainly because of studying here, I have been placed in core company Mbit. And thank you so much for that.


Mr. M.Faijur Rahman

Sessions were very interesting. It made us to understand our final year project easily. Along with technical knowledge we grasped other concepts too. Career development program helps us to know about the industries and how to approach them. Various tools and their suppliers are known. Now we feel that we can write codes (VHDL or Verilog) for any complex circuits in a easier way. Thanks a lot for moulding us with your technical knowledge. Follow the same approach in spreading your technical knowledge.


Mr. G.Gowtham

You gave us good respect and considered as professional students. Really that was awesome. Your way of teaching is pakka. No need of changes in future.


Mr. Murali Krishnaan.G

The punctuality maintained by the instructor is very good. The technical sessions were nice. Also I got enough details to enhance myself in future.


Miss. P.Nishandhini

All the classes were very interesting and I have got a very good knowledge about VLSI. Your way of teaching is also good. Surely this will be useful for us in future. Thanks for Bistate Sytems for giving the students a good idea and training of VLSI in short period of time (not only the subject (VLSI) but also gained extra knowledge). Thank you.


Mr. S.Mohanraj

It gives me a immense pleasure to write feedback about Bistate Systems. When I started worrying about 'what i learned in engineering', it is nothing. But when I joined Bistate Systems for VLSI training, it showed me the wonders of electronics and I am really thankful for your coaching. Due to immense interest on VLSI (after joining Bistate only), I planned to do my M.E in VLSI design. I hope you will generate more VLSI enabled students in future.


Miss. Dhanalakshmi.D

These sessions were very very useful for me. I have learned lot of things about VLSI from your way of teaching like your easiest examples. Your fun session is so beautiful. You have finished all the things what you have promised.


Mr. G.Ganesh Sankar

When I took this course I was very much afraid since I have a arrear in VLSI. But because of your teaching, now I got more interest on VLSI. Your teaching methodology is very good and we are able to grasp concepts easily. Your interaction kept us listening to you always. Heartly thanks to you.


Mr. P.Kirubakaran

The sessions were very interactive and each session ends with funny events. It’s a very neat and perfect teaching.


Miss. Lakshmi.R

I personally thank you for making me realize how easy is VLSI. Your beautiful examples were too good and excellent. Classes went off as per the schedule, this shows your perfection. Too good teaching.


Miss. S.Suganya

First of all I am very happy that I got to know many valuable things about VLSI field, as you not only shared theoretical concepts of VLSI, but also shared many current affairs on this with us. This made me to add VLSI as a reasonable subject in my resume too. Thank you.


Mr. C.Zaveed Raheem

The entire course was interesting and useful. I always used to sleep during afternoon sessions in classroom, but I do not here because the content was understandable and creates interest to listen. What I learnt is still unforgettable.


Miss. Radha.S.S

The way you took the class is really excellent. Since you are taking it in an interactive manner we feel comfortable to ask out doubts. After coming here we gained more knowledge about electronic industry and other areas in VLSI.


Miss. Mote Palli Sri Santhi

The course was excellent. We are really thankful to you. We gained good knowledge both technically as well as practically.


Mr. Udayakumar.M

I really enjoyed the classes and the way you teach and explaining manner. Now I can speak something about ECE discipline. You gave me some platform about VLSI definitely I will enhance it. Then I like the funology sessions also.


Mr. Sivaraman.V

I feel very good about the course. I have learnt many things not only related to VLSI but also many concepts related to Electronics.


Miss. Suganya.V

The way you took the VLSI course was excellent. You shared all your knowledge and whatever you know with us. Thank you for explaining simply and you made easy to understand.


Mr. Madhusudhanan. K

I enjoyed all the sessions very much. I was much benefited with your comparable way of teaching.


Mr. Vivekanand. J

The basic concepts were explained very well. Got a good idea about the application of the course. Class timings and organization was good. Please introduce more courses and spread this information and scope to more people.


Miss. J.Nirmala Devi

This training session was very helpful to me. The VLSI concepts were taught in a simple and effective way that even a beginner like me can understand. In this training session not only subjective content of VLSI was taught but also the industrial and application scopes of VLSI were exposed. Thus, not only the concepts but also the applications were discussed. On the whole the training sessions were very much informative and have taken to the other dimension of (application – oriented) VLSI.

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